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DT's Awesome Burger

Submitted by: Dan Thomas


Take a 1/3 to 1/2 pound of 93% lean ground beef or better and make a
hamburger patty. Sprinkle with Zatarains.

1. Put the patty on a place and cover completely with Dale's sauce.
2. Apply a liberal amount of Zatarains seasoning on top of the patty. This will give you a textured surface that will hold the hot sauce.
3. Apply the Crystal hot sauce evenly around the burger.
4. Flip the patty and repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the patty.
5. Fire up a charcoal grill and wait until all the flams are extinguished and the charcoal is gray with red accents. This will allow enough time
for the seasonings to soak into the patty.
6. Use a small bowl and mix in Dale's, Zatarains, and hot sauce in the same measure you put on the patty. Pour in some beer for good measure.
7. Put the patty on the grill when the coals reach the proper color and pour some of the contents in the bowl on top of the patty.
8. Let sit for two minutes then flip the patty on the grill and repeat.
9. When you flip the patty again poke holes in the patty and pour in some of the contents from the bowl. This will ensure that the seasonings soak in throughout the burger. Do this each time you flip the burger.
10. Let the patty sit on the grill for 3 minutes each side until the burger is cooked all the way through with only a small amount of pink in the
middle. Cut a hole in the middle of the burger while cooking to check.
11. Once the burger is done take off the grill and drain on paper towels. Toast some buns and you're done. Fry up some Ore Ida "Zesties" fries and you'll have the perfect compliment to your awesome burger.


93% lean or better ground beef
Dale's Marinating Sauce (found by all the steak sauces in the grocery store)
Zatarain's Creole Seasoning
Crystal Hot Sauce
Beer (optional)

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